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Create Events

Search for a location or use our "Pinpoint" crosshair and create an event for a night out at the bar, dinner and a movie, or even a family vacation.

Take Videos or Photos

Take videos or photos from within the app, and they will save to your event's photo album. Not only that, but they will sync with everyone's device who is part of the event and be available forever. No more asking for someone to send you a photo they took. These albums are only viewable by the people in your event.

Make Calls

Have you ever been out with friends of friends? You probably wouldn't have everyone's number, which can turn into a huge inconvience. Pinpoint lets you easily call anyone in your event directly within the app.

Share Location

Forty-five minutes before an event starts, your location is instanly shared with everyone at the event. No more wondering when your friends will show up or searching for them when they leave. Sharing stops fifteen minutes after the event ends, so you can make sure you find your group.

Get Directions

Get directions to an event without needing to type in an address or even perform a search. You can even route yourself to a person in the event without the hassle of trying to find streets and addresses close to them. Now that's convenient.

Send Messages

Send a text to an individual or to everyone attending an event right from within the app. You can even text a nearby group in the event to touch base.


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Pinpoint is a private social networking application that allows you to create an event, view the event attendees' locations, and take pictures which will sync across all attendees' devices. You can route yourself directly to the event or an attendee and even make calls or send texts to everyone in your party directly from the app.

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Event Planning, Location Sharing, Picture Syncing... Oh my! ★★★★★ - Plan events, see all of your friends locations ONLY during the event times and take pictures that instantly sync to everyone's device... So cool and so useful! Update: I have been using this app anytime more than a single person comes over or we go out anywhere and the new update really improved location sharing. I have albums of pictures of the nights out I would have forgotten!


VEGAS! ★★★★★ - This application is perfect for tracking a group event. PinPoint made a bachelor party in Las Vegas manageable, thank you PinPoint.


Great app! ★★★★★ - Really easy to use and fun too. I recommend it! You can go back through past events and look at pictures that were uploaded.


=] ★★★★★ - Great app! Simple and easy to use.


Awesome App!!! ★★★★★ - Great app for planning events with friends and family!! Love it!


Gotta Try This!!! ★★★★★ - Finally!! About time an app like Pinpoint comes out. My buddies and I can create events, share pictures, and find out where everyone is located with GPS! So easy to use. You'll have fun with this one.


Awesome app! ★★★★★ - Used this app at my cousins wedding I was standing in this past weekend! So perfect for sharing photos we took that night with the bridal party and my family at the wedding. Didn't have to have everyone text each other the next day asking for photos. I know the bride loved having all of the photos everyone was taking of her as well. Looking forward to using this app in future events!


Awesome App ★★★★★ - This is a really good app for planning group events."


Easy to use! ★★★★★ - "Easy to use and has potential! Can't wait for future updates!"


"We can't wait to show you what we have planned next!"

The Pinpoint Team


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